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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Well on their way to 3-13, The Atlanta Falcons finally wised up and fixed a glaring need on their team. No I'm not talking about Byron Leftwich, although he'd be an upgrade on Joey Harrington at this point. Hell, David Archer could leap out of the broadcast booth and perform better than the human tackling dummy. No I'm talking about this guy:

The Idiot Bobby Petrino decided to be cute with his kicker this preseason and dump Billy Cundiff for some rookie scrub who has blown 3 of 4 field goal attempts this year. The Falcons have scored exactly 10 points in two games, and Prater has wasted another 9. Against Jacksonville, he missed two in a 6 point loss while John Carney (who was picked up by Jacksonville off the waiver wire before the game, imagine that) hit his shots for the difference. No more of that! The Falcons just re-signed Mort who should have never been let go in the first place. The big knock on Morten is that he doesn't have the leg to kickoff anymore, but the punter Michael Koenen is already in charge of the kickoffs. Mort's not taking the Birds to the Super Bowl like in 1998, but at least he can hit a goddamn 25 yarder. Plus it's fun to have guys old enough to be a grandfather playing professional sports, it makes me feel not quite as old as I am. Atlanta has two aged wonders right now, Julio Franco on the Braves and Morten for the Falcons. If the Hawks go out and sign Kevin Willis to fill their glaring need at center, I'll be as happy as Billy White Shoes.

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Bay Rat North West said...

Has Morten been playing longer than George Blanda's been alive?