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Friday, August 17, 2012

Well played, Topps

Note: I made a really dumb baseball card comic. Go vote for Dayf at Nachos Grande if you want more of these silly things from me.

Apparently Topps has gotten wind of the fact that I have given most of this year's collecting money to Hasbro in exchange for miniature candy colored equines. Hoping to exploit my weakness for




Topps is including a new parallel version in 2013 flagship:

I think they are now just an green orange parallel away from going full Rainbow Dash. (there's also a shiny emerald variation apparently) Valiant attempt, Topps. I'll probably still hold out for the factory set though.

UPDATE: Awww snap, there's a 1972 Topps insert set in there too. Topps must want me back badly.


Don said...

I think there is an emerald parallel, so they really must want you back.

dayf said...

@Don Dang, you're right. Let's see here. Gold, pink, emerald, Wal-Mart red, Target Blue, TRU purple. Dang, just missing orange. SO CLOSE

Michael Chase said...

Pink Ponies and Pink Parallels. It doesn't get much better than that!