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Monday, June 17, 2013

June Vintage Card Show Loot: Part 3 - Mid Series Page Filler

More card show stuff. Now that the big huge stuff is out of the way I can start showing off the normal ordinary stuff. Fifty-something year old stuff but ordinary fifty-something year old stuff. Short printed ordinary fifty-something year old stuff. Ok it's awesome fifty-something year old stuff and I'm a slackass for not posting this stuff sooner. Here, have a card.

Oh look a 1957 Topps Danny O'Connell card. This was in the bargain box and it got snatched up pretty quick. I'm not a huge fan of the '57 set even though it's Iconic and stuff. It's kinda like the 1952 set in that it's simultaneously hard to find and pretty drab. This is a pretty nice looking '57s though since there's a style to the drab. Lotsa greens and grays and earth tones in the set. There is a definite 1957 Topps color palette. Just check out the grass in that infield and the way the red and blue on the uniform complements it. Looks pretty nice! Beats the super close up portraits with a gray background.  

Like most oldy moldy sets, the 1957 set has a scarce series that is tough to find. That series for some reason is the middle series in this set. No idea why no one liked the 4th series of this set, Topps must have gimmicked it up or something. Like all good scarce series, it's chock full of nice rookies that now are much harder to find period, let alone cheap. Bobby Richardson, Jim Bunning and Brooks Robinson hold down the short printed rookie fort in this set. As for Danny, the back of the card says it all. Good defender, light bat. O'Connell played for the Braves for three and a half years before getting shipped off to the Giants in midseason for Red Schoendienst. Missed the World Series by that much. This card was an essential purchase for one reason though:

Completed '57 team page, aaaaaaaaw yiss.

(see what I mean about the '57 color palette? Looks like a '70s independent art film in here)

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