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Friday, June 7, 2013

Vintage card show in Atlanta This weekend

Roger's back in town for his Vintage show this weekend, I'll be there today with my Barves shirt on.

If you like vintage cards and are in the ATL, you wanna be here. This is not so much a card show as a card museum. I've written about it plenty of times, search the archives if you don't believe me.

As with any of the increasingly infrequent card shows I go to, I'm going into this one with a plan. It's not a great plan, and I probably won't stick to it, but a plan it is. Here's my plan.

1) Pick up one 1953 Topps high number or star card. 
'53 Topps is going to be one of those sets that I'm going to be nibbling away at for years until I'm left staring at a handful of huge monster cards that I won't be able to find even in poor condition for less than a couple hundred bucks. There are still cards I can afford though, so my quest continues.

2) Hammer away at the vintage Braves team sets
Hammer being the operative word since I need so many Hank Aaron cards. There's actually a couple cards I've had my eye on at COMC, but I'll see if I can get 'em in person first.

3) Buy ALL the dollar cards
In the past Roger has had some really cheap commons from '53-56 lying around and I was a fool and only picked up the ones I needed. If I find a cheap pile of '54s or '56s I'm snagging them ALL. These things are gold when trading.

4) Knock out some 1972 Topps Toughies
I am actually very close to completing my '72 Topps set through Series 4, down to about 25 cards or so. If I can knock out some of the bigger names here like Carlton and Bench and Seaver I can pick up all the commons online. Then I get to stare down the high numbers (shudder).

5) Find a cool non-sport card
Maybe today is the day I find my beloved Mars Attacks Prize Captive.

6) Finish up 1974 Topps
I only need 8 card for this set and if I can find at least the Roses in the bargain box I'll be really happy.

7)Pick up stuff for other bloggers
I have an index card with some cards on it to be on the look out for other bloggers. Trade bait is always good, especially when I'm so far behind in my package sending. You have until noon to make a comment and put a last minute request on the list.

8) If all else fails, blow my whole wad on one huge awesome card.
At one of the previous shows there was a 1953 Topps Satchel Paige in bad condition in the discount case. I had enough money to buy it and nothing else. I still regret passing it up.

Today is also the first card show I'm attending with my wantlist on my droid. We'll see how that works.

UPDATE: Batted about .500 this time. Brought home something I did not expect. This weekend is going to be brutal but maybe I can get some stuff scanned by next week


Captain Canuck said...

sweet mother... how jealous am I?

enjoy the day... take some pics.

drool for me.

Chris Reed said...

Awesome! I don't have any card shows near me ever so I'll live vicariously through your blog.

night owl said...

Roger is so ... accommodating.

"Pack with your list in mind"? ... the man needs to come to Upstate New York.

gcrl said...

want lists on your mobile device is the best. all the old guys with looseleaf paper look at you funny, but you know they are jealous. if they even understand what's going on.

Captain Canuck said...

next week???

you say you're going to the most uber great card show evah, and I have to wait until next week???