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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stuff you can find at the vintage show this weekend

I've got my card show haul in a pile on my desk waiting to be scanned. I'll get to it soon enough since I really want to show off a couple of jaw-droppers I found. But since Roger was kind enough to let me take some pictures I figured it'd be good to show you all what you can get at the vintage card show in Marietta while it's actually going on. Photo dump in 3... 2... 1...

Let's start with heartbreak. Some poor guy got this 'inventively aged' Mickey Mantle photocopy on fleabay and dropped it off with Roger because he never wanted to see it again. Hopefully he doesn't read this blog...

Here's some REAL Mantles.

Oh hai thar big ol' pile of 1952 Topps

Also old hockey cards and even more Mantles.

Like the football? You can haz football.

Choo Choo!

I like baseball though. Here's some '60s cards with oddballs mixed in

ACTUAL '64 Venezuelan cards with the black backs. And check out that run of Reggies!

I don't even know what the heck these pink cards are but one of 'em has a Milwaukee Braves cap.

The only thing better than cards from the '60s is cards from the '50s.

Wouldn't you rather spend your money on this Hank instead of the 2013 Heyward knock off?

Hank: Baby Bulls and Yellow Letters and Felt Logos, oh my!


(Drools over ugly Spahnnie)

The only thing better than cards from the '50s is pre-war cards.

A Tattoo Orbit card of a Boston Brave is one of my collecting dreams.

Me likey the Big Heads

Here's a couple Bowman Braves that I'll likely never get for my team sets because they are ugly and 'spensive

Let's have something pretty instead. JIM BROWN ROOKIE

This is the 'kickass case' that I'm always raving about. Coolness all the way down

Among all the other insane cards here THERE'S A BIG PILE OF KOUFAX ROOKIES

Here's something you may have never seen before... Season passes (?) for the 1960 AFL Dallas Texans.

ODDBALLZ! Double Header Hank and Red Heart Spahn

A whole case of oddball odd-sized stuff.

Hassan Triple Folders! I love these things

Now this is an oddball lineup. Goudey premium Pepper Martin, PCL card from 1910, '51 Topps Team card, '59 Bazooka giant card and a little bit of an ancient Yankee ticket stub.

Here's the cheapskate case! I got a card out of here!

The 1953 Yogi I would have regretted passing up had I not found a different card in the case.

BARGAIN BOXES. I destroyed these things and still left some really good stuff behind.

Topps Team poster from the late '60s-early '70s. This thing is huge

Official Mickey Mantle pencils. A-Rod ain't got no pencils

Buncha lotta Sporting News record books

World Series Program from 1940!

I was fortunate enough to see a lot of choice stuff displayed while I was there. I think this all came from a recent purchase where the owner keps all his cards in a plastic tub under the house. No, really. Go to the show and ask Roger.

T205 Mathewson!

T206 Mathewson!!

T206 Walter Johnson!!!

T206 Ty Cobb!!!!!

An old T202(?) Ramly card. This is another one of my Boston Brave (um... Beaneater) white whales.

Reaaaaaaaly clean 1915 Cracker Jack card

Goudey Premium of Joltin' Joe. I've only seen pictures of this before

Back of the Cobb (I just wanted to touch the case)

Lots and lots of cards from whatever year you're looking for.


again the back of the card simply because I wanted to hold the case that held this card in my hand for just a sweet, sweet moment

And here's the whole Shebang. IT's happening right now at the Courtyard Marriott on Delk Road off of I-75 in Marietta see my previous post for details be there or be square or wait till he goes to the National. If you see this post on Monday well that's your fault for not checking over the weekend, eh?


The Lost Collector said...

Can't imagine seeing all those in one place.

deal said...

Jimmy Foxx Diamond Stars - his only card with the Phillies, hiding in the Jimmy Brown photo. sigh.

THose are the boxes I just stare at for a second, because I know I cant pick anything up.

cant get addicted at that level.

night owl said...

If I get in my car right now ...

P-town Tom said...

I love picture heavy posts. This one was the best. (wipes drool from chin)

mr haverkamp said...

Roger's got incredible stuff, thx for all the photos. Guess his inventory survived all of the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma, huh?


Wow ! I think my monitor is melting.

AdamE said...

The cheapskate bin has at least a Ted Williams card and a Turkey Red Boxing Cabinet card. So I am guessing it wasn't too cheapskatish. When I went to his show in St Louis years ago the Turkey Red Cabinet cards were a few hundred each.

Ramly is a T204. I can't believe that Topps hasn't stole the design and paralleled the heck out of it yet.