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Monday, January 6, 2014

Joy of a Completed Completed Set - 1956 Topps

I completed this one a while ago, but Night Owl sent me the last Team Card variation I needed. So I may as well show it off again. This time with card backs!

 I think there might be some card stock variations out there too. Oh well, they'll just give me another excuse to post this set again once I find 'em. Gotta fill that last empty pocket with something.


arpsmith said...

That is an awesome looking team set, hoping that some day I can finish off the Giants team set from 1956. Yours looks great, that Hank Aaron card is one of the best ever.

Captain Canuck said...

that sir, is glorious. I believe I heard angels singing as I scrolled down.

Hackenbush said...


Play at the Plate said...

Tears in my eyes...so pretty to look at and I'm only 100% jealous.

Steve F said...

I'm putting together the 1956 topps
set.Are cards 131 Bob Roselli and
card 308 Chuck Harmon considered
hard to find. I never see them sold
at any card store on ebay.Thank you!