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Monday, January 13, 2014

The best card I pulled in 2013

This isn't quite as awesome as SUPER CAT from 2012 but it's pretty nice. On October 28th, I went to Wal-Mart to buy something or other and ended up snagging a couple of packs of 2013 Topps Update. Inside was this:

Very nice! But redemption. Who knew when it would arrive? Who know if I would get that card at all? All redemption card stories online are nothing but tales of sorrow and woe, how could I avoid this miserable fate? I entered the code in the Topps redemption thingy and hoped for the best. Last Saturday this arrived:

Tom Glavine mini autograph card numbered 3/10. I never seem to have problems with redemptions. The only time in the past 10 years I didn't get what I was supposed to get (a Jesse Ventura relic) I got something equally cool (an Erik Estrada relic). I guess if I have to complain then, um... the edges are a little chippy? I guess? Like every other card with black borders? But honestly, who cares. It's an on-card autograph of a Hall of Famer that I'm never going to sell and will rot in my collection until my heirs dump all my cards on Craigslist when I croak. 

This is a hella nice looking card, too bad there's only 10 of them. Tom's not in the mini base set, so take a good long look, this is the only one you're likely to see. I like that career stat line on the back, and also the authenticity legalese that is cleverly integrated in the '71 design. Can you find it kids? The only thing that could make this card better is one of those old hologram stickers that Topps used to plaster on their autograph and relic cards 10 years ago.

So a pretty good pull for 2013 considering my pack buying habits dropped drastically last year. Will I find anything this good in a pack in 2014? Will I even buy any packs in 2014? We got 11 and a half months to find out.


defgav said...

Sweet-ass pull!

Captain Canuck said...

just wow.

Need More Cardboard said...


The Dutch Card Guy said...

Wow, missed that this one existed...still 9 possibilities to get my hands on one !! Or always willing to trade of course (have a few chippers and a button chipper relic card that i happily send your way :-))

Grats on the pull, enjoy it !

The Topps Baseball Fanatic said...

awesome pull!

i had the same luck last year after buying a rack-pack of Archives, found an Anthony Rizzo 89 All-star auto #'d to /10