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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The first pack of 2014

2014 Topps retail is LIIIIIVE!

forget that crap though, let's open up a pack of PHUNGO CARDS!

I was lucky enough to get a brand new pack of cards courtesy of Mr. Phungo, the Phillie aphicionado. Let's jump right in, shall we?

First card in the pack is Howie Bedell, outfirler for the Milwaukee Braves. Howie played 58 games for the Braves in 1962 and got 2 Topps cards to commemorate the moment. Howie also played 9 games for the Phillies in 1968, so I'm somewhat surprised this didn't turn out to be possibly his first Phillies card. Maybe it's a variation?

Next up, Sarah Jane Sands who played catcher for Rockford Peaches of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. So far I've gotten a Brave and a Peach in the pack, I'm sensing a theme.

Uggles! Signing a ball for some lucky fan. If you can't hit 'em, sign em. Uggla was left off the playoff roster in favor of Elliot Johnson who was dropped after the season. Uggla hasn't gone anywhere and it's his second base job to lose in spring training. He'll probably lose it to Tommy LaStella. I really should stop making fun of Dan as I'm actually very thankful that he's taking a lot of heat off of BJ Upton. BJ's totally going to break out this year I tell you. I believe in Melvin.

Not a Brave, but a former Brave that should have stayed a Brave but ended up a Phillie. Least year I was discussing with a friend how Kevin had quitely had a solid career and it was amazing that he was still pitching in the league. And now he up and retired on me and made me feel old. Dangit, Kevin.

Freddie! The Braves' star first baseman who is in the process of being Fred McGriffed by Joey Votto and Paul Goldschmidt. Freddie's the best hugging first baseman in the league at least!

OMG EARLY LEADER FOR 2014 CARD OF THE YEAR. It might be harder to beat Simba for the NL Shortstop Gold Glove than to beat The Natural.


El Oso Phungo! Not technically a rookie card, but it is a First Phungo Card which is just as good, probably. I'll put this photo of Gattis with the swanky hockey style mask up against any photo on any card of Evan put out this year.

Got some insert buybacks in the pack too! How lucky!

Gattis Hot Pack!!! and a Bowman Something Or Other rookie card too! That I think I don't have but am not sure because all these Bowman sets just sort of blur together after a while. It's shiiiiiiiiiny though.

*falls off chair*
*twitches a bit*


Along with the official Phungo pack there were some extra Braves cards that just needed to get out of a Phillie phan's house apparently. Here's a Top 5:

I am now the world's foremost George Sherrill Supercollector. Nice Boston Braves throwback uni on this one.

Anyone remember Upper Deck Gold Glove? This rookie/debut/whatever of Horacio Ramirez was from the days where every rookie was short printed and serial numbered. OMG there are only 1000 of these cards in existence! Now they're all in quarter boxes untouched.

A few years later, the serial numbers are down to 3 digits. Still no one cares. If you look at all the cards Topps is tweeting to show off their 2014 set, you'll notice that they are mostly numbered to 10-99. Mark my words, by 2020 cards will have to be serial numbered to single digits in order to garner attention and by 2026, they won't print any cards at all. Now that's scarcity. I still like this set though, I think it looks classy.

Jason and Freddie yadda yadda horror movie joke. I probably have a half a dozen of this card but keep sending them because I'd like to wallpaper a room with them one day. And then set the building on fire when they both sign with the Yankees when they become free agents.

Ok you need to mentally prepare yourself for this next one. Take a seat, say your prayers and drink a couple quarts of gin.

You'd think this card came from Night Owl but you'd be wrong. This is now my third Warren Spahn card that has been defaced in some way, I wonder if it is possible to collect every Topps card of a Hall of Fame player where some kid drew all over it several decades ago. There's only one way to find out.

Thanks Phungo Co. for another brilliant card set! I look forward to seeing what 2015 Phungo holds in store!


Captain Canuck said...

wow. I need to get some packs like that.

Chris said...

I predict that by 2020 serial numbers will be fractional, so you'll need four 0.25 / 1 cards just to put together a 1 / 1 card.

Hackenbush said...

Very nice!

deal said...

I like your take on the Serial numbers. once we get to 0 of 0 cards collecting will be so much easier.

The 64T Spahn Kills me, I have a similar "condition" Casey Stengel card that I need to show off some time.

Excellent review. Glad to see the Simmons card was a hit, definitely one of my favorites in this years set.