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Monday, January 19, 2015

Hall of Fame - John Smoltz

Smoltzie gets four cards instead of three because I do what I want.

He's an announcer now, but Smoltz has always liked to talk.

Topps Tek is the new (old) hotness but for my money 1997 Skybox EX2000 is the best looking weird-ass high-end plastic stock set of the '90s.

I've been stuck in the '90s for this Hall of Fame series but 2007 Masterpieces is just so purdy. Have some Cooperstown-worthy laundry.

BONUS DIAMOND KINGS GOODNESS. Signed by the artist himself. This card courtesy of Captain Canuck at Waxaholic. Them Canadians have some amazing autograph hounding skills.


mike said...

I have a nice-sized pile of Smoltz cards (my doubles) to trade if you would be interested. I've been collecting Smoltz since he was traded from the Tigers as my uncle coached him in high school. There's a nice amount, close to 100, if you want them.

Captain Canuck said...

people are suckers for sled dogs...