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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hall of Fame - Macho Man Randy Savage

I don't really do wresting cards for the most part but what the heck...

Randy "Macho Man" Savage (AKA Randy Mario Poffo) is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame so he deserves to get in on the Hall of Fame posts this month. Problem is, I don't collect much in the way of wrestling cards so I'll show off all his cards from the 1987 WWF WrestleMania III set.

Got a box of this stuff back in '88 or '89 for seven bucks even though I didn't really watch a lot of wresting. Cheap wax is fun no matter the subject. The back of the card insinuates that Randy is a dirty fighter with a clingy girlfriend. This set does not treat Randy kindly.

First action card for Randy shows Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat lifting him up by his Adam's apple. I'm guessing Randy didn't have a fun WrestleMania III.

The choke out is revenge for an earlier injury. I'm more concerned with Randy's shorts. Was pink a normal color for wrestler's outfits back in the '80s? From the look of this set it seems so, there's pink everywhere.

in Randy's last appearance in the set, we get to see him fly out of the ring while Ricky yells PLATOOOOOOOOOOON. I am now sad I have neglected my wrestling collection because I want to show a card of Macho Man kicking some ass and I can't.

My wrestling knowledge is limited, but I think Macho Man was a heel at this time which explains why he's getting his butt kicked. I choose to remember Macho Man at his best.

No more cards of Randy in the set, but there is a card of Elizabeth staring at Randy so I'm putting it in the post because reasons.

Elizabeth watches intently. Hey, is anyone else watching intently?

While Elizabeth watches Randy, George "The Animal" Steele watches Elizabeth. This is maybe one of the greatest trading cards in the history of paper products.

Card number 69. Nice...
I like nice...

Anyone who's anyone in an Old School set gets to be on a sticker. Congrats on the induction Macho Man, up in the Big Ring in the Sky.


Johngy said...

Yes, Macho Man was a bad guy at this time. Steamboat was the good guy. They put on a match that is often called one of the greatest of all time. Savage would flip between good and bad throughout his career.

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