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Friday, January 9, 2015

Hall of Fame - Randy Johnson

Scanner crisis is over so time for some Haul 'a Faym posts! Randy Johnson got the most votes this year, mainly because BBWAA members would check the box next to his name and remember their favorite dick  joke and giggle. Hey, votes are votes, don't be judgmental. Here are three of my favorite Unit cards scrounged up from the archives.

Rookie Randy! Forget the Griffey or the Fuck Face, I want to rip a case of '89 Fleer in search of a Randy Johnson Marlboro ad variation. Kinda silly since I've got at least 2 complete sets of the stuff, but still.

1996 Upper Deck Hot Commodities. Die-cut AND holofoil AND special FX etched foil stuff AND it's the same color as a thermonuclear fireball. The '90s were a crazy time, folks.

2000 Fleer E-X E-xplosive. Fleer could also do some crazy stuff back in the day and this is the purdiest cards I have of Randy in this Snake days. It's also numbered out of 2499. BOOM!

Pedro next!


The Lost Collector said...

That Hot Commodities is very cool.

Daniel Wilson said...

Great looking cards!

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