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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

For the Price of a Pack

Got this stuff at a card show last year for approximately $2:

1953 Johnston's Cookies Dave Cole. One of those vintage sets I need to drop everything and complete already.

Big ol' crease in the middle but any '50's large size card for 50 cents is a good deal in my book.

I don't care what the little birdie told you, Ernie Johnson was a Brave For Life.

Pops! This was one of the last boxes unchecked on the 1974 Topps checklist. I can upgrade later if I want.

I buy new stuff too! Especially shiny Aaron inserts in the quarter box. I still don't understand why the border is blue though.

Kinda random post, but I have to keep reminding myself these things especially since Series 1 is about to drop on our heads.

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