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Monday, February 2, 2015

First Baseball Card Pack of 2015!

2015 baseball is LIVE! Packs are in hand! Woooooo!!! It's finally here!

no, not that Topps stuff, 2015  Phungo Cards!!!

I've done this joke 100 times before but I don't care! YOLO motherscratchers!!! Let's open up my pack!

First card of the year: Jimmy Rollins, pack cover boy and 2014 Clemente Award winner. And apparently a Dodger now?? That's just wrong. J-Roll is a Phillie phorever. Not interested in players being on the wrong teams right now.

UGH. Marteeeeeeeeeen in an ugly gritty Deeeeeeeee-Backs uniform on a card that indicates he was traded to the Damn Yankeeeeeeeees last year. Oh well, we all still love Prado and it can't get any worse than this.

Oh no.


oh god no it's real now he has a BASEBALL CARD with that filthy team on it nooooooooo
Note how Deal used the old '60s Topps trick of using a picture with no cap for players who were traded to other teams. Very sneaky and it makes me want to jump off a bridge a little less because, hey, '60s Topps-style Heyward.

HA! This guy never got traded. Maybe I can flip this to Sooz. And all you douchebags complaining that Jeter is in 2015 products can suck it like an Everlasting Gobstopper.

Ferguson Jenkins..... Red Sock??!?!!? Deal's just phucking with me now.

Onto the inserts! First up is a 2010 Upper Deck Kris Medlen card with absolutely no MLB logos on it at all. NONE AT ALL. Damn I miss Upper Deck. I miss Kris Medlen too, he's signed on with the Royals.

2012 Topps '87 Topps Mini Thingy of Brian McCann. Like Prado, Brian is also a Damn Yankee. Wait, Prado got traded to the Marlins. DAMMIT YANKEES. I still insist that all Brian has to do is play halfway decently with the Yankees and make one good playoff run with them and he's a cinch Hall of Famer. That didn't happen last year though. Stoopid Yankees.

Yeah! Evan Gattis Rookie Cup Chrome! He's gonna smoosh ALL the home runs this year! For the Astros!
This is a very difficult year for me baseball wise.

Bobsled randomness! I think the rationale behind this particular card showing up in this particular pack is that Meyers is from Georgia and lives in Fairburn. Sadly, the Braves traded Elana to Switzerland last month for a speed skater and a 'secure' bank account to hide their Cobb County Stadium Slush Fund from the feds.

Yeaaaaaaaah Chipper never got traded! He's also the de facto 2015 team MVP as long as he keeps on tweeting.

MOJO!!! 1966 Topps Braves card I didn't already have. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! A semi-high number '66 Rookie Starts card of Herb Hippauf and Arnie Umbach. Herb and Arnold were also lifelong Braves, as Herb threw 3 games of relief in '66 and Arnie won his only start for Milwaukee in '64 and pitched 22 more games for Atlanta in '66. Check out the cropping on Arnie's side of the card. Someone put the white bar in the wrong place!

1965 Team card! Like 1964, the Braves are again staring at 5th place in 2015. There was much discussion on Twitter what that stain is on the right side of the card. I say good ol' fashioned water. Other guesses were Kool-Aid, coffee and wine. What do you think droozled all over this poor card?

2015 Topps base cards vaguely remind me of some Fleer set from a decade ago that I can't quite place as does this Ginter design from 2011. Remember 2011? Life was good in 2011.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! A Chipper card I'm almost 100% sure I don't have! I really need to stop being lazy and finish cataloging all my Chipper cards. I really like this USA patch design. Goes to show that Panini CAN design a decent looking card every once in a while.

On an unrelated note, is the WBC still a thing? I can't remember the last one at all.

Johnny Logan fills an empty pocket in my Braves binder. It's also the only '57 Logan in existence with a Ghost Five on the front. EBay 1 of 1, baby!

After learning all about Faces and Heels in my Randy Savage post, I want to see Bryce and Chipper throw down in the ring. I wonder if crossbows are illegal in wrestling.

Hall'a' Famer Johnny Smooooooltz! I literally just traded anything to Thorzul for this card.

Fan favorite Gerald Laird is the final card in the buyback portion of the pack. Gerald was also a victim of the massive roster purge this offseason and had his roster spot snagged by AJ Pierzimnotbotheringtomemorizehowtospellhisname. I also needed this card for my Braves team set binder although you wouldn't know it because I haven't put together a want list yet. Dang, it's 2015 already, isn't it?

WOOOOOOO AN ACTUAL CURRENT BRAVE. Nick also gets the '66 Topps treatment with no cap. I may need to appropriate these images and MSPaint them into 'a '66 Topps design. For some reason I'm starting to appreciate the 1966 set all of a sudden when it's the new Heritage design. Topps is brainwashing me somehow, I know it.

Wow! Insert card of Khao Phing Kan island in Thailand. Best known as Francisco Scaramanga's hideout in The Man With The Golden Gun. Was not expecting a James Bond/Christopher Lee reference in my Phungo pack! The set is better than Ginter!

Last card in the pack is TP MVP. Terry has all the balls and might even be the Braves manager by the end of the season depending on how bad Fredi borks it up this spring.

Thanks Deal! 2015 baseball card season is heeeeeeeeeeeeere!

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Lonestarr said...

w00t! Fergie!

Captain Canuck said...

hmmm... I think I need that Smoltzie...

oh, and is it just me, or does that look a lot like Scatman Crothers on Fergie's card?

it might be me.

deal said...

Awesome commentary as always. Its Great seeing the cards in the wild.

Tony L. said...

Johnny Logan Rocks!

Brian said...

Herb Hippauf is an incredible name!

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Football is also one of my favorite sports aside from basketball and volleyball. Those athletes in the posts are so amazing!

S. Hashib said...

My fav Man....


Justin said...

Totally random, but you still got that Meyers card? She's a friend of mine and I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

john smith said...

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