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Monday, January 21, 2013

First pack of 2013

Topps is hyping the hell out of Series 1, but they got beat to the punch for the first baseball set released in 2013. Phungo Cards are back for another year! I know for a fact that Night Owl got a pack, not sure who else may have laid their hands on one. Forget all that SP nonsense in Topps flagship, this is some serious exclusive distributity right here!

My scanner is having some network difficulties and I taped the wrapper to the wall of my office already so I don't actually have a good picture of it. Oh well. Let's look at the cards.

Hunter Pence. Blah. Playing for the Giants! Double blah. Posey was out. This is a great example of super close cropping in order to hide the fact that the player was traded. You used to see this all over sets in the '70s, but nowadays if there's a big trade Topps will just SSSSP the card to drive team collectors insane.

OH GAWD. First a Giant, now a Cardinal. Carlos is an outfielder or in Turner Field, a shortstop. This is a poor start to the pack. If I didn't know any better I'd think they were put there on purpose. But Phungo packs are totally random and a Philly fan would never torment a Braves fan like that anyway.

NOW WE'RE TALKING! J-Hey! I loves me some J-Hey. I really need to go on COMC and scarf up all his cards while they are relatively cheap like I didn't do with Kris Medlen's cards last year. You can't even find a Medlen card anywhere anymore. Kris is going 30-0 in 2013 with a 0.42 ERA so I guess I missed the boat on that one.

CHIPPAH!!! Even the Philly Fans appreciate the Chippah. Hopefully Chipper continues to tweet madness about the Braves throughout 2013 and beyond. He's still tweeting madness this offseason but the ratio of baseball tweets to animal carcasses is much higher.

MOJO! Insert card of Padrographs and Mr. Phungo himself. Phungo may homebrew baseball card sets, but Padrographs has a mighty epic beard right there. Not sure who the winner is in that contest.

Phungo packs always have buyback cards. Here's a Bowman's Best Chippah card that is much much shinier and much MUCH Yellower in person.

Here's a super shiny Tyler Pastornipples Chrome Xfractor thingy from 2012 Bowman Platinum. It's not a rookie card even though he was a rookie last year because Bowman. Apparently there are at least three versions minimum on these prospect cards with plain foil, Chrome refractor and this Xfractor which has a vaguely squarish pattern when scanned but looks like you just lost a game of Yar's Revenge in real life.

Anothah Chippah! CHIPPAH HOT PACK! This one is from the 2012 Archives set with the nifty 1971 Topps design which just flat out does not look right on white thin card stock with no dinks and scratches and bad corners on the black border. Archives is what Lineage should have been. Actually it's what the entire 2012 Topps lineup should have been as it is seemingly the only '12 Topps product that is not on clearance at Target right now.

Vintage! Hokey Smoke it's a 1963 Topps HIGH number card! '63 high numbers are just as hard to find as those ugly ass artificially scarce '12 Heritage super short prints with the black & white and color photos reversed. Who's idea was that? Frank Bolling manned second for the Braves from '61 to '66 and was a two-time All-Star with the Braves. Sadly Frank's brother Milt passed away this past weekend.

'63 High number in a Phungo pack? Not sure how I can beat this.





Captain Canuck said...


is that real or a photocopy? tell me it's a copy.

deal said...

The Beltran card was a total accident.

well, it worked out in hilarious fashion.

It is really Michael Bourne's fault - I had a hatless pix of him ready to go to press since T-Giving, but Boras never got him signed. jerks.

Anonymous said...

RIP Junkie!

Unknown said...

Beltran card it worked out in hilarious fashion. It is really Michael Bourne's fault , by the way thanks for sharing.
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