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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Joy of a Completed Series - 1986 Garbage Pail Kids Series 6

Kids today have their Angry Birds and Justin Beiber and crap like that, but when I was a kid in the good ol' days we had quality entertainment. Like Pac-Man and Michael Jackson. Classy stuff. We also had our share of lame fads, like Cabbage Patch Kids. One year every girl at school had one of those ugly ass things that looked like a nylon panty stuffed with cotton balls with eyeballs stapled on. Lame fads bring about brilliant parodies however. Back when Topps was cool, they came up with a trading card set that mocked the dolls and pissed everyone's parents off. Garbage Pail Kids.

When I was a kid I went through a brief lull in card collecting in 1984-85 so I sadly missed out on the scarce Series 1 and 2. I bought these things up with a vengeance in 1986 when Series 3 came out. I continued to do so through 1987 and snapped up most of the set through Series 9. For some reason I never bought any Series 6 packs though. Maybe I lost interest for a bit, Maybe I was too obsessed with baseball and football cards, maybe the local Kay-Bee toys where I got most of my packs never got that series. Recently a completed Series 6 set finally fell in my lap, so why not show it off?
Series 6 runs from card number 207 to 250, so enjoy a sample from Series 5 and 7 as well.

 So did these cards piss off my parents? Nope. My mom is a ninja wizard jedi and never let my weirdness shenanigans faze her at all. But they did enrage my aunt, however... Holy schnikes did Stoned Sean set her off! Bahaha! Nothing better than youthful rebellion. Maybe that's why I'm still rebelling in my 40's.


Doc said...

Kewl. Let me know if you're interested in Series 1 and 2.


Anonymous said...

A limp gait down memory lane. Bravo! Bravo!

Chasing sports cards down on Ebay, I've checked in on these a few times and have had the urge to pull the trigger on a few lots of these cards, just for nostalgia's sake. This is a fantastic post, and one that has me inspired there is at least one still-inspired-soul maintaining the Garbage Pail Kids collection going. And again, I declare: Bravo!

We'd buy packs of our GPK's right after school, taking our lunch money to the corner convenience store to buy Jolly Ranchers, Nerds, Fun Dip (aka, "Lik-A-Stick"), baseball cards and Garbage Pail Kids.

Awesome set! Going for more?

dayf said...

Definitely collecting the original set 1-620. If I can get both variations I will but I'll be happy with 1copy from the tough series.

I've got a local dealer looking for some for me, once I hear back I plan to post a want list.

Arno said...

Awesome. Do you ever watch It's Always Sunny? Especially the episode where Charlie trades Frank all his Garbage Pail cards.

Doc said...

Dayf - Definitely keep me in mind when you're doing your want list for the GPK. I've got a box of them sitting in my closet, and I'd love to trade them for some stuff off my want lists.


dayf said...

@Arno I've seen a few episodes and would like to see more. I'll have to look for the Garbage Pail episode.

@Doc Eventually I will need some Series 1 and 2. Shoot me an e-mail with a want list and I'll put it on my ever increasing list of lists to go through.