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Sunday, January 13, 2013

1993 Topps Wantlist

My other partial Traded set pickup from this weekend prompted this wantlist. I bought at LEAST two friggin boxes of series two back in the day, how the smeg am I missing so many from that series?!?

Series 1:

Series 2:
409 Roger Clemens-Red Sox & Greg Maddux-Braves
410 Dave Fleming-Mariners & Tom Glavine-Braves
445 Dale Murphy
497 Willie Brown
658 Jeromy Burnitz Mets - Melvin Nieves Braves - Rich Becker Twins - Shon Walker Pirates
742 Rene Arocha Cardinals - Alan Embree Braves - Brien Taylor Yankees - Tim Crabtree Blue Jays

Thanks to Carl Crawford Cards, Charlie, Mark

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

I have a series 2 vending box, will take a look tomorrow!