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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


New year, new opportunities to start anew. New and improved! Or new at least. Oh wait, I don't really want to collect new things this year, I want to collect oldy moldy worthless crap. Oh well, it's new to someone out there. Like this card here:

This card is from the 1993 Skybox DC set. It came in that gigantic box 'o non-sports junk that I picked up a few weeks ago. If there's one thing I really learned from going through that box it's that I really don't like comic cards. There were several sets based on comic lines in there and I didn't really like any of them. Granted, most were '90s cheese based on superhero comics. Never been a fan of roided out dudes in tights. I liked horror and space comics when I was a kid (along with Mad Magazine which is a whole other ball of wax) and graduated to independent and underground comix when I got older. Mainstream stuff I didn't care for unless it was on the fringe like Swamp Thing or Howard the Duck. So looking through a pile of cheesy superheros on cheesy cardstock featuring a cheesy early-90's design didn't do a damn thing for me. Until.... I came across this card.

Sandman was a comic in DC's Vertigo line. The line debuted the same year as this trading card set in 1993. It was designed to publish more edgy, adult comics so the boobies and gore could be segregated from the Panty-Wearing SupaHeroes so as not to upset the kiddies. Or maybe it was a straight marketing thing. Sandman had been around since '89 with the label "Suggested for Mature Readers" on it. How many comic book readers are really that mature. Says the guy who collects trading cards and ponies. Hey! I read comics too! I might even have an issue or two of Sandman.

Um, what I meant to say is I might need an issue or two of Sandman. I've read the series (although one of two of the earlier books may have been read while chilling in a Barnes & Noble) and this card has reminded me that it might be time for a re-read. Gotta do something to pass the time while I'm eagerly awaiting *heh* 2013 Topps *pffffft* S-Se-Seheries One - BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA! Aww, I knew I couldn't say that with a straight face. Uh oh, Dream's giving me a dirty look now. My punishment for mocking the Monopoly will be to have nightmares about super short printed Josh Hamilton cards. FOREVER.

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John Bateman said...

That was an amazing 75 issue run.