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Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Phungo Pack Rip

All righty, I finally ripped that pack of Phungo Cards I received. Let's see what this year's set has to offer, shall we?

Billy Wagner

Phormer Phil, now retired old geezer who is still taking up a spot on the Braves 40 man roster. COME BACK GEEZER! OHH PLEASE COME BAAACK!

Derrek Lee

Derrek has moved on to the Orioles to man first in Baltimore. I'm glad I got to see him play in a Braves uni for a few weeks.

Tommy Greene

Former first round pick of the Braves dealt to the Phils in the Murphy trade. Is that a bluetooth in Tommy's ear?

1990 Topps Scott Rolen

I need to double check but I think I need this one for my set. It's also another friendly reminder that this pack is from a Phillies fan.

Black Border Insert - Jamie Moyer


Woo! A HIT! Here's Jamie Moyer pitching to Chippah. Deal apparently is giving an homage to Topps' quality control by having the card miscut.

Oh noooooooooo! Redemption cards have infected Phungo! What's next, Sticker autos?

Tim Hudson

Aren't ya glad we signed Huddy instead of Javier Vazquez, Braves fans?

Ok, time to enter in my redemption code.

Well, let's see how long it takes to receive whatever I'm going to get. Oh wait, it's already here! That was fast! Let's open 'er up.

Wow, Gold Donruss Preferred Chippah tin... I had the Blue but not this one. I'll have to explain what the heck this thing is in a different post, it'll take to long to describe.

1990 Post Dale Murphy

When the heck is Post going to start putting cards in cereal again? They seem to do it every five years or so and they're behind schedule. It's like waiting for a new Bloodhound Gang album to be released.

Black Insert - Chipper Jones

Hey, there's Chipper! The Moyer wasn't mis-cut at all! It's one of them Fleer Superstar Special Black and Blue type cards! I probably should have scanned the two together but I'm dense.

1998 Sports Illustrated 1957 World Series

This is a nice card to end the pack with. You can see more of these over at Phungo Cards. Thanks Deal!

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deal said...

good summary - the cards look dark to me everytime I see them. Glad I found was able to find something new for the Chipper collection.


oh and Go Falcons