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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rack Pack Madness Part 2 - BoChro

I have no idea why I even bought this pack.

I was in Toys R Us with my son looking for a birthday present for a party he was going to later that day. He ended up conning me into buying a YoYo that would ultimately annoy my wife to no end. Many, many fights were caused by that stupid YoYo. Meanwhile I was sucked in by the tiny overpriced ($22 for a blaster from 2009? WTF) card kiosk. The BoChro rack was friggin $10! I could go down the street and get it for a buck cheaper at Wally World or Target! But the madness overtook me and I overpaid for a rack of a product I despise. this is what I got:

I don't even know where the base packs are anymore. I did get the shiny green Xfractory goodness of Riaan Spanjer-Furstenberg though. I'm not gonna open this sucker. I'm shoving the whole pack - security device and all - in a thick toploader. The BoChro base are available, assuming I can ever find them again...


Mark said...

I really like the look of that green Xfractor. I do totall understand your grievances with bocro, though I am tempted to rip some. I can also understand the impulse buying, I've bought a ridiculous amount of stuff I've bought not because I want or need it, just because it's near the counter!

Captain Canuck said...

buying a birthday present for a party the day of?