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Monday, January 31, 2011

Pushing the deadline again

I have three hours to meet my self appointed goal of posting all my wantlists from 1951-1980 Topps by the end of January. I also have some work to finish tonight too. Plus I'm doing all this on the oh-so-tempting  internet so that's causing a bit of a hindrance as well. In lieu of an actual decent post, here's a card BA Benny and his Magical Band* sent me out of nowhere.

Adam LaRoche shiny bat card. Them Mets fans ain't all bad. Now, back to work.

*BA doesn't actually have a band. That's why they're so magical.


Dinged Corners said...

Mixing shiny and red *and* a wood bit is pretty clever.

Apparently there are no other entries under "Met fans are righteous dudes". Is this a technical glitch? :}

dayf said...

I'm just now bringing myself to admit it.....