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Saturday, January 8, 2011

If Karma is real.....

Then Seattle will lose today.

And every day from now until eternity. Not cool, Seahawks, not cool at all.

Geaux Saints.

(this week at least)


(...Joe) said...

Never screw with a guys beer... ever!

Mariner1 said...

On the news last night, they claimed it was the cup vendor's fault and they will get to the bottom of this. As a consilation all beers are the price of a small today. That's normally $7 for a regular beer, and $8.25 for a micro brew. What about all the people that have b3en duped since 2002 when the stadium opened?

Nathan said...

C'mon Karma! 4 minutes left! Wake up!

Todd Uncommon said...

That is not an accident.

Does anyone smell "class action" around that?

Fuji said...

I think the Hawks have more than paid for this mistake... they've been embarrassed by the media as being the only losing team to reach the playoffs (in a non-strike season... the love throwing this factoid in).

If you're a Seahawks fan like me... you know they've had their share of struggles over the years... now that they've realized their mistake, I can only assume that they'll be headed back to the SB in the very near future.

Go Hawks!