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Monday, January 31, 2011

1978 Topps Wantlist

There is one reason I want to complete this set and one reason only. I want to play the baseball game on the back.

1 Lou Brock -- Record Breaker
5 Pete Rose -- Record Breaker
34 Willie McCovey -- San Francisco Giants
120 Gary Carter -- Montreal Expos
360 Mike Schmidt -- Philadelphia Phillies
400 Nolan Ryan -- California Angels
703 Jack Morris -- Rookie Pitchers
707 P.Molitor/A.Trammell -- Rookie Shortstops

718/726 -- 98.5%

Big thanks: Scott Crawford, Grogg, The Card Chop, Project1962


carlsonjok said...

New reader here. I am starting out collecting '78 and I have duplicates on 79 on your wantlist. None have been used by a teething baby, but the quality may vary from card to card. Do you have specific quality criteria you want to meet?

PunkRockPaint said...

I have the following in my MCG:
187 Royster
193 Chiles
212 Caldwell
223 Kison

Any trades accepted. Thinking about it... I could just have 'em shipped to me, then send them to you.

Let me know.