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Friday, January 28, 2011

Transmogrifier at the trade deadline

After scrounging around a bit, I've discovered I have got five codes left. I'm going to redeem them late tonight so the blogger vampires like Troll and Owlie can watch. I just realized how tired I am after this week and I'm going to bed. In the meantime, here's the latest roundup of trade offers for all the new cards I've redeemed.

Trade 1: Le Grande Orange for Roidy McRoidRoid


Trade 2: Alan & Lou for Dave

Didn't I just redeem those same two Tiger cards??  Decline.

Trades 3 & 4: '67 Yankees for '54 Rivera

Not even combining the two '67s for my '54. Either Amaro OR Whitaker. He won't even throw in a Dooley Womack. Hey Superfan, if you pull a Mantle, call me. Decline.

Trade 5: 1988 are you effing kidding me

Ryan Express Shmryan Shmrexpress. An offer of a 1988 card is an insult. Declined with great prejudice.

Trade 6: An old sock for an old sock

See people, this is how you do it. I looked it up and I unfortunately already have Mr Donovan. Declined with respect and gratitude.

Trade 7: A big pile for my Dick

Well I've got that 1972 card already but lets see what else is in there...

Oh bloody hell. Go away with that mess. Decline.

Trade 8: Senator for Senator

Didn't I just give away that card? I did. I don't need it back. Decline.

Trade 9: Lindy for Wise

If I didn't already have that '72 this would have been tough. Decline.

Trade 10: '76 Non Braves for '74 Brave

I don't need either of those 1976 cards. I also don't need the Ron Schueler. None of them are really worth sending away for at any rate. On Hold - Pending.

Trade 11: New Tiger for Old Tiger

I told you I already had Lou. Why not make some poor slob happy. ACCEPT.

You know what's left, folks....


Cookie Trade 1: Romo 4 Cookie


Cookie Trade 2: Big Mess O' Crap 4 Cookie

7 cards from 1977-1979 for mah Cookie. Seriously. DECLINED.

Cookie Trade 3: Sir Juan, Knight of the BatRack for Cookie. 

I have to admit the '70 Juan Rios is an extraordinary card. An extraordinary card that I already have. DECLINED.

We can still gaze at the majesty of Juan however.

Cookie Trade 4: What's with all the '76 cards already

I know what you're smoking, socalguy. DECLINED.

Meanwhile... nobody wants mah Tony. I'm not even getting stupid offers for it. I just had a sad.

Bonus content!!! Why I don't bother with the feetsball Transmogrifier:


Justin Drummond said...

kyle099 is the bane of my MCG existence. I am contemplating having the vintage cards I have been fortunate enough to unlock sent to me early so I don't have to see that same Nolan Ryan card staring back at me from the trade screen. How many other people with 1950s cards have been affected by kyle099?

Nathan said...

I like that Staub in an Expos uni...I had NO idea that he played for the Spos again in '79

Derek said...

I kept getting the same stupid kyle099 Ryan offer for my 1957 Gus Bell. I took a screen capture of it so I could always remember my worst offer.