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Monday, January 24, 2011

First Codes Transmogrified since last summer

Not many people seemed interested in a giant live blowout of code cards so I knocked out five just to see what kind of luck I have. Here's the results:

Series 1 1957 Mickey Mantle k4Tdqj%mh

Not terribly surprised, especially with the series 1 cards.

Series 2 1961 Carl Yastrzemski DhFj8LWjW

Off to a pretty good start... Night Owl will be jealous at least. Taunt! Taunt!

Series 2 1952 Mickey Mantle xcCZbrr4r

Yup. If the next two are invalid I am teh scrooed.

Series 3 1976 Gary Carter 6ZXBLCmTc

Wooo! An oldie! I've got this card so maybe I can use it as trade bait.

Series 3 1961 Roger Maris fFg8Cb4KB

Back down to earth. Trammell is good an all, but 1992 is not what I was looking for. At least I didn't get an '87 or a 2001 Ivan Rodriguez I guess.

I think I'll try five more. And why not?

I quit doing this for two reasons: I was pissed at the Strasburg horsecrap and I had completed my Lemmer collection. I forgot how fun this is.

Series 1 1969 Mickey Mantle T#$Tj3KX9

Wow, a first series code I hadn't used... Nice back to back pickups there. Maybe Topps spies are messing with me again.

Series 2 1952 Mickey Mantle zXmQTqn8w

WOOOOOOO! I'm hitting the Oldies tonight! I've got this one sitting right next to me on my desk. I would have been putting together my 1961 wantlist if I hadn't gotten sidetracked on this.

Series 3 1959 Roger Maris HMX5hLjq9

Gaaaah, a Met. They can't all be '60s. I've got the gambler's shakes now. Gotta keep rollin those dice....

Series 3 1961 Bob Gibson 7P4BJM6ns

RACKENFRACK. Wrong century! I can think of worse than Lofton to get but this one will end up unrordered.

Series 3 1974 Mike Schmidt BttPSR2rJ

BARRRRRF. My luck is gone. That's it for tonight. Let's see if I can find a sucker to take my '60s cards for some old Braves.


Anonymous said...

I do like the look of that Lofton card, though.

Scott Sawyer said...

Sooooo addictive. Redeem them all!! I just traded a 1966 Frank Malzone for a 1966 Dick Kelley/Jim Beauchamp. A good card for MY Braves collection.

night owl said...

Got to do better than a '78 Lopes to get me slobbery.

I've had great luck getting rid of my "this century" cards on the MCG site for cards I actually want. I never believe it's going to work and then, like magic, it does.

dawgbones said...

That '61 Phillie is sweet, why can't I get stuff like that?? I got a '61 Bill Bruton I could trade ya?
{dawgbones (at) cox (dot) net}

I had 1 invalid code that I emailed to the Customer Service, and after a week or so, they emailed me three replacement codes.

Community Gum said...

I think you beat the odds there, but I do wish Topps wasn't restarting this from scratch for 2011. Hard to amass a collection (and a fan base)in just a year. -Andy