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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Aardvark Trading Company - Pack 3

Here it is, Vintage Repack form Aardvark Trading Company. You will notice a theme.

1972 Topps Grant Jackson

I didn't realize Grant pitched in the majors for 18 years. He also lucked into winning game seven of the 1979 World Series. Remember parents: teach your kids to throw lefty.

1972 Topps Tito Fuentes

Rigoberto! Stats on the Back sponsors his Baseball-Reference page.

1972 Topps Sparky Anderson

Sparky! Dang that's a young Sparky. Right before the Big Red Machine started chewing up the league.

1972 Topps Stan Swanson

Never heard of this guy. He played one year for Montreal and he gets rewarded with a "looking up at the bottom of your cap" card photo. Poor Stan. What photographer thought this pose was a good thing?

1972 Topps 1971 NL RBI Leaders

HOMINA HOMINA HOMINA... How this this get in here?? I already had it for my Braves team set, but now this one goes in the '72 set. All three players on the card are Hall of Famers (just wait a bit for Joe) and all three were Braves. Hank, obviously, Joe played and managed the Braves and Pops was a coach in the '80s. They don't make leaders cards like this anymore.

Yes, there was even gum in the packs.

1972 Topps Barry Lersch

Barry pitched 5 years for the Phillies and one game for the Cardinals. Whenever I saw his card I thought... You rang?

1972 Topps Little Bud Harrelson

Someone beat that damn kid. With a large stick.

1972 Topps Tony Oliva

Pedro! I bet a Hall of Very Good museum in Heewauken, New Jersey would be way more interesting that that crypt up in Cooperstown.

1972 Topps Tommy John

The guy has 288 wins and a surgery named after him. How famous can you get? I'll bet that's a Sox logo behind that bill.

1972 Topps Andy Etchebarren

The eyebrows that launched a thousand wild pitches. Did you know Andy was a Basque-American? Did you know there was such a thing? 

Well that wasn't so much a Vintage Repack as a pack of '72 Topps! This is what happens when you try to get organized and post wantlists. Thanks Aarvark!

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night owl said...

Yarrgh. That'll teach me to throw up a '72 want list when the aardvark asks. I need some of those cards.