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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Last codes for the Transmogrifier

Here's my last five codes. If you have any, you better redeem them by Monday. The suckers expire on 2/01/11. Watch the prices for 2010 Hobby boxes plummet on Groundhog's Day.

I'm feeling a 1960 Topps Hank Aaron tonight. Anyone agree?

1965 Bob Gibson -  2k589rGBT

Starting off with a Champion, I guess.

1961 Roger Maris - RR5srHFWP

MEH. I never redeemed any series 3 codes until my blowout this week!!! SHENANIGANS!!!

1952 Mickey Mantle - fBCppb8c

Wow, tonight's going really poorly. I've had this card for 30 years.

1972 Carl Yaztrzemski - f4Drn2XMR

Yeaaaah! That's the ticket, baby! 1960 Topps! I just got this card in the mail today too! But I don't caaaaaaaare!

1977 Mike Schmidt - KSS5kXZxg

Here's my last code ever. This came out of one of those terrible StrasChrome Value boxes that were out last summer. I bought one in a moment of weakness. Let's see if anything good came of it after all.

Well that's better than a kick in the balls! Ending up the festivities with a card from the '50s. Topps just wants me to spend more money having these shipped.

Ok, time to figure out which ones I'm going to pay for. Let's see if I can keep the total shipping cost under 3 figures.

Ok, I'm 99% sure which ones I'm going to have shipped, but I'm 100% sure that some cards will not be. Here are the cards that I don't want but will feel bad if they just disappear into the ether. If anyone wants any of these just make me an offer. If you make me a stupid offer like a (shudder) 2001 Ivan Rodriguez or 1988 Nolan Ryan, just post your username in the comments to let me know I'm giving it to a good home.

Someone PLEASE at least take the '60 and '61 cards. I received the Sullivan from Thoughts and Sox and already have Gonzalez. If no one trades for them I'll end up having to buy them out of guilt. Save me some money, please? If no Reds fan even makes an offer for Sammy Ellis I'll be pissed. Jim Breazeale is one of my favorite cards ever but I have a half a dozen of the things.

These cards are a little dicier when paying Topps' shipping fees but someone might like them. I've got a Scheuler for both my main and team set already. Everyone loves 1976 Topps right? Dave Lopes I already have or I'd get it shipped. I really don't want to leave my namesake locked in a dead Transmogrifier, but I'll do it if I have to. If you trade for that card and get it shipped, I'll sign it. Deal?

For gits and shiggles I offered up all the cards I don't plan to have shipped for You Know Who.

There are about 600 of the damnable things out there. Think someone will bite?

Ok I've been messing with this for too long and I need to go to bed. Please let me see some trade offers in the morning....


Anonymous said...

Thank you for participating in the free card give away. That will be $78.32 for shiping!

Captain Canuck said...

if you end up getting that '60 Frank Sullivan, I'll take it off your hands for ....... well, whatever I can find that you don't already have.

Dawgbones said...

I'd love to take that '61 Gonzalez off your hands. It would fit real well with the vintage Phils that the Troll sent my way earlier this month!! I'll offer a Craig Reynolds 1979 for it, username Dawgbones.

Alex said...

Sammy Ellis for Jeff Torborg

Bet you don't get that offer every day.

Dawgbones said...

and I can shwap you a '72 Ted Uhlaender / Outfield / Cincinnati Reds to go with your Sammy Ellis, for the Frank Sullivan. He would go nicely in my Red Sox PC. once again, username is Dawgbones.

Dawgbones said...

Trade offers are in place. Now if I could only turn my '67 Joe Sparma and my '61 Bill Bruton into same year Phillies... or Sox...