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Saturday, January 15, 2011

This is the funniest thing ever

Gotta love the New York tabloids....

I personally see Brady as Anakin and Bellichick as Emperor Palpatine but that acknowledges the prequels so is probably not a good idea.

In other news, a 13-3 number 1 seeded team with home field advantage is almost universally picked as underdogs due to a guy who has rushed for less than 300 yards in the NFL.

I'm honestly surprised all the bloggers out there who are Packer fans aren't trying to get me to place a wager on a game that Green Bay is destined to win by birthright.


White Sox Cards said...

Wow. I had completely blocked out the Rappin' Rodney video. It's not as horrid as I remember it but it screams eighties. Except for Don Novello, which screams seventies.

Nathan said...

Hah, I like Westhoff as Yoda.

I really don't think the Jets have a chance to win this game today. A Seahawks win is more likely IMO.

Nathan said...

well, what the hell do I know...I also picked the colts to win the superbowl