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Monday, January 3, 2011

Rack Pack Madness Part 1 - 2010 Topps Update

Throughout the latter months of 2010, I was compulsively picking up Rack Packs of various Topps products from retail establishments at an alarming rate. There were several reasons for this. Topps' ruination of blasters with patches and parallels, a lack of compelling products worth dropping more than a fiver on, interesting shiny gimmickry on the Chromy packs and my gnawing addiction that precludes me from walking out of a Target without some cardboard. I need to get this all out of my system so as not to ruin another year blowing cash on retail wax so I'm going to showcase some racks this week. Here's a run of consecutive cards out of a rack of 2010 Update that I found interesting.

Adam Wainwright workout joisey Mojo. Former Brave. We got a year out of JD Drew at least.

J-Hey and formed Atlanta Hawk draft pick Dave Winfield.

Spahnnie Tale of the Game.

Stupid Attax card that almost ruins the run. I remembered that Markie Mark played high school ball in Georgia so this tenuous Atlanta connection keeps the streak alive.

Ok, as much as I've bagged on them in the past year it is really cool that they picked the Lou Burdette switcheroo card for the Yo Momma set.

Formeerd Brave pitcher who was traded to the Yankees for Aroldys Vizcaino. Melky was a throw-in, people.

Former Brave first baseman what we should have never gotten rid of in the first place. How nice would it have been to have Roche nailing down first for the past few years?

But at least we got this guy to replace him for a month last year.

Nice little run of locals there if you don't count the Markakis. I see Attax cards like one of those puffy sweatshirt advertisement cards from the '80s so it's easy to pass right over it.


Nathan said...

That is the first time that I've seen Lee in a Braves uniform...weird

And which goddam links are you talking about? Between the main page, the sidebar, the topbar and the new sections I count four different styles

dayf said...

Looking for feedback on the link colors for everything except the sidebar. Friggin blog is going to be in a state of flux for about a month most likely so yell for changes while you can.

Derek said...

I busted a rack pack the other day filled with braves goodness. Venters, Lee, McCann all star card, and two others that are escaping me right now. I was pretty happy. No relics for me though

IkesCards said...

Any interest in trading that Wainwright for a McCann relic card? Isaac pulled a McCann All Star Jersey card of some sort over the holidays.

He also pulled a Jon Jay Gold Chrome Refractor auto out of a Wally World rack pack on Saturday. Judging from his screams, I'd venture to guess the entire neighborhood knew something good happened...

dayf said...

Absolutely I'll trade Wainey for Mac. E-mail me if I don't e-mail you first.

Captain Canuck said...

you're preaching to the choir man... damn I miss Roachie....

Play at the Plate said...

I like the Magic Pack backdrop. Not that you asked.