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Friday, January 14, 2011

A better League Leader card

I posted this card show pickup out of the bargain bin a while back:

I then stated that I actually found a better league leader card in that same bin. There were doubts about the veracity of my claim. I'm not going to argue about it, I'm just going to show you.

This might be the best hypothetical outfield ever, and if Hank has to play left field then I'm ok with that.

If you can think of a better combo card (I actually have one in mind, but I digress) then show me. It will take a lot to beat this.


Nathan said...

It cracks me up when you see .245 averages on a "league leaders" card...at that point it's more just "league statistics"

Nathan said...

This one might give it a run:


night owl said...

Still going with Koufax-Drysdale, because I'm a pigheaded Dodger fan who likes pitchers better than batters and says that card sums up the 1960s, when pitchers ruled and hitters drooled, better than any other card.

Don said...

I will nominate a couple of cards:

1961 Topps NL Home Run Leaders: Aaron, Banks, Boyer, Eddie Matthews

1964 Topps NL Home Run Leaders: Aaron, Cepeda, Mays, McCovey

Anonymous said...

I don't think you can beat that card. Some of the others mentioned are floating heads. They might have a few more players, but they don't look as good, and this is the 3 guys you'd want from that era (with sincere apologies to Frank Robinson).

Captain Canuck said...

Braves fan 1 Dodgers fan 0

Captain Canuck said...

oh, and answer your damn email.... oui ou non?