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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Transmogrifier Code Blowout

I gotta do this soon before the Transmogrifier gets mothballed so no time like the present. Let's see how many 2001 Ivan Rodruiguezeses I can get. Here's ten codes. Not quite my last ones but the ones I have on my desk right now.

Guess which of the ten will be the best in the comments!
There are absolutely no PRIZES for doing so!

1953 Roy Campanella - 9sbsrc3Nf

Off to a grand start!

1979 Gary Carter - k8qZwdGqQ

An old Philthie. Not too shabby. Someone check my want list to see if I need him.

1952 Mickey Mantle - wCjd4kbGz

Interesting... I've always liked both players. This is also my 50th virtual card.

1976 Gary Carter - qFxGMF6BT

Blearrgh. Any goodwill Gary Carter gained with the '67 is flushed right down the toilet.

1961 Bob Gibson what I got as the top card in a blister pack that ended up bent - tt5NdqCWT

Bent Gibbie didn't let me down!!!

1953 Mickey Mantle - mfH7RHF9S

The slots are paying out tonight!!!

1961 Roger Maris - b69f5jFn6

Bump. Bump? Bump... BUMP!!!

1979 Thurman Munson - nwSCD4j7H

When did I take the off ramp from I-'60s to Late '70s town??

There's my Bump. No sign of Charlie yet...

1972 Carl Yastrzemski - JPpQd8jQp

Yeah! back on I-'60s. Let's head south to '50sLand.

1963 Mickey Frickin Mantle - ZjggQTwS7

Oh may gawd the airbrushing... I'm not sure I can go on after that.

Ok. Brief pause whilst I check to see if I need any of these cards.

1983 Strikeout Leaders
1988 Juicy McGee
1979 Charlie Williams
1967 Sammy Ellis
1978 Darold Knowles

1967 Rick Wise
1960 Don Dillard
1966 Curt Flood

1978 Bump Wills

I probably have the Bump, but after meticulously sorting my '78 set a while back I accidentally dumped the box it was in so now it's a mess. I need to get that sorted again quick.

The Curt Flood is the 'wow' card out of the lot, but I think Gibson wins with a 1960 Topps card that I actually need as best code.

Jason T. Carter, I know you want that '67 Ellis so offer me something good and it's yours.

I have a couple more codes floating around but I'm done for the night. I need to figure out my order from Topps this weekend.


Captain Canuck said...

'79 Carter... the worst card will give the best results.

Anonymous said...

Gibson. I gotta say that or he'll move me off the plate.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. I'd have to say your success is greater than mine for tonight. Though I'm not complaining about only one card out of seven that came after the 80's. My run of late 70's pitchers is something else, though.

Anonymous said...

Give me a couple days to chew on Ellis. I might offer up my '60 Boone for him...not sure yet. I never did like the '67 design, but he is a Reds player...

cynicalbuddha said...

Look at how small Barry was in 88 and what's that? A smile!! Haven't seen one of those on Barry's face in a long time. Nice haul, I'm in the process of figuring out which cards I want to have shipped and which ones I want to disappear.