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Monday, January 24, 2011

C is for Cookie - That's good enough for me

Why are people still trying to get mah Cookie??

Hall of Famers... hmmm... 14 and 20 years later... NO COOKIE

1987 anything. Pshaw. NO COOKIE

Record Breaker? 10 years later? NO COOKIE

This guy's at least trying. I didn't immediately delete this one. (still no cookie)

Six for one cookie? Now, I love Rickey. And Rickey is the Greatest. But even Rickey wouldn't trade Rickey for Cookie. NO COOKIE

Would you rather have a Renko or a Cookie? NO COOKIE

Lookie here, jrancillo upped the offer. With another '87 Topps card. NO COOKIE

I would have considered one of the originals. NO COOKIE

People are still after other things too.

They're still after my Dick.

And my other Dick. Hands off my Dicks!

You gotta be crazy to try to get my Lemmers. There are only about 30 Lemkes redeemed total. That's the number of 1987 Topps Ozzie Smiths redeemed in the past 20 minutes.

And any Transmogrifier trade is not complete without You-Know-Who.

So I guess this Transmogrifer expires in a couple of weeks or so. I better send off for some of these things. I also have a pile of 23 codes in front of me. Some of them are probably used, but I haven't redeemed any since Series two so there's at least a dozen working Update codes there. If anyone wants me to blow 'em all out tonight, comment on this post. If I get enough people who want to watch I'll redeem them live in about an hour.


Hackenbush said...

Me like cookies.

Captain Canuck said...

do you realize that someone was offering MoreHead for you Dick?

maybe not... crank 'em off, let's see what you get.

Anonymous said...

Current requests for my 1972 Skip Lockwood:

2002 Tom Kelly
1986 Eddie Murray

Current requests for my 1963 Lou Clinton:

Multiple with 79 Dick Drago, 96 Manny Ramirez, 04 Jason Giambi, 03 ERA Leaders

68 Jim McGlothin

Blow 'em out! I won't watch live (kids) but I'd love the results!