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Friday, June 8, 2012


I am useless at writing right now so here's a bunch of pictures of Smoltz cards to commemorate his number being retired tonight.

The Rookies

1990 Donruss MVP oops

1988 CMC Richmond Braves

1999 UD Legends

1998 Flair Showdown

1990 Fleer All Stars box set

1999 Topps Gallery

1999 Upper Deck

1996 Fleer Smoke N Heat

2003 Topps Gallery

2000 Starting Lineup

2005 Upper Deck 

2005 Donruss Polo Grounds

1997 EX2000

2007 Goudey

1996 Collector's Choice

2002 Topps Heritage

1993 Pinnacle Idols

1992 Bowman

1993 Ultra Strikeout King

1990 Donruss Diamond King

2003 Bryan's

1997 Sports Illustrated

1995 Pinnacle

1992 Confex Baseball Enquirer

1997 Pinnacle Museum Collection

2009 Topps Heritage

1997 Leaf Limited Limited Exposure

1997 Pinnacle Zenith


Tom said...

I didn't know Smoltz liked accordion music. Maybe "like" is too strong of a word... perhaps "tolerate" is better?

I really like the Topps Gallery card and the one where he's wearing a mask of Tom Glavine.

gcrl said...

that 98 upper deck card is nice. there were some good photos in that set, and the smoltz is one of them.

Billy Suter said...

Isn't the accordion dude John's dad?

dayf said...


You are correct, sir!