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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The only Braves insert in 2012 Archives

Not counting short prints, relics or autographs at least. Out of the seven insert sets in Archives: Reprints, Classic Combos, In Action, '67 Stickers, '68 3D, '69 Deckle Edge and '77 Cloth Stickers, this Deckle Edge card of Orlando Cepeda is the only Brave. I pulled this one out of a blaster today.

Now, there are three short printed Braves along with five relics and six autographs in the set, but only a fool would think they could pull those from wax. I've also got 71% of the base set.

Guess who's done ripping Archives?

(wantlist will be posted... eventually)


Chuck's Used Cards said...

Dude. I like your blog, but the new design makes me think I'm on LSD. Can you revert back to something simple ?


Trippin' on card blogs

Captain Canuck said...

great card.

what happened to the whole 'no ripping 2012 wax' thing?

dayf said...

The design has been like this for months. Not sure what you mean by simple. Other than maybe updating the header sometime soon I don't really have plans to change anything.

Archives sucked me in. I managed to not buy wax from mid November to early June so that's a solid six months wax-free at least. Not buying any more until Ginter either, I've hit the "seven doubles and an insert you don't want in every pack" stage in my set building.

McCann Can Triple said...

I had thought the archives where simply old cards from the 90's 80's and I wasn't really interested. Then I bought a pack and actually read the label. " MLB stars in classic Topps design" and now I want them.

arpsmith said...

Shoot me your want list for the base set, I am sure I can help you out.