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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last chance to vote for the All Star Game

You can vote if you want to, but none of you will ever be able to top my perfect ballot.

You also just missed the EURO 2012 semi-final match between Italy and Germany.

Man, it's just not Boehner's day....


McCann Can Triple said...

I voted the same as you on the N.L side. Well, minus Simmons but only because he wasn't up when I voted. I had voted for Pastornicky.

I want Chipper to make it.

deal said...

My Endorsement: #VoteChooch -


Anonymous said...

Heck of a game.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

You should have put the French flag in his hand - they like to cry a lot.

Germany were favorites but Italy deserve to be there.