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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Medlen GameDay Program

Forgot to show off my Kris Medlen GameDay program from the game I went to a couple weeks ago. Kris Medlen is trying desperately to become my favorite Brave right now. Yes, even over Heyward, and as you all know I have a serious man-crush on him. 22 straight wins tends to do that sort of thing. Kinda regretting not going on one last COMC Medlen spree before he went into the rotation this year.


Paul said...

Still trying to figure out how a guy with as much talent as Medlen started the year as a middle reliever. Then again, I'm also mystified by the Nationals' choice to stop using their best starting pitcher in the middle of a pennant race.

(And Blogger doesn't really want to believe I'm not a robot...)

madding said...

Medlen is one of my top five all-time free agent pickups in my 8 (?) years of playing fantasy baseball. For this, I commend him... and myself, I guess? I actually was able to snag him in an NL-only 10 team league where most players with a pulse are taken weeks before they are called up.

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