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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chris Stufflestreet

I've been trying to write this post for three days but it didn't happen until now.

I knew of Chris due to his Vintage Baseball Cards: 1886-1961 page on Geocities. That page right there is as good of a "Vintage Cards 101" course as you're ever going to see. When I heard Geocities was being shut down, I shot him an e-mail asking if he was going to rehost the pages and if he needed any help. He told me that he was working on it. He also had a Vintage card blog in the works as well. This was great! It was what my blog would look like if I had focus or discipline.

There were other blogs too. A blog celebrating the wonderfully awful 1973 Topps Photography. A couple music blogs. He also wrote for Cardboard Connection. Chris really loved those vintage cards and  was very talented at writing about them.

Last Wednesday he passed away. I never met him in person, although we traded e-mails a few times. He had some 1966 Topps doubles that I never got around to trading for, and I sent him a scan of some ToppsTown codes once. We both had an affinity for those musty old pieces of cardboard though, and the world is worse off not having him in it. We'll miss you Chris, I'm glad you were able to pick up that '72 Carlton Traded card.


deal said...

I hadn't heard.

Just want to echo that the Vintage Baseball Card site is an incredible resource.

Briefly met Chris at 2012 National in Baltimore. And he was real nice enthusiastic and informative.

The Bob D'Angelo article pretty much summarizes what little I knew about Chris Stufflestreet.

night owl said...

For those who don't read card blogs on the weekend, I wrote what I knew about Chris here: