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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Joy of a Complete Page - Wedding Edition

Hopping back onto the blog to show off an accomplishment. 2012 EnterPlay My Little Pony completed Royal Wedding Foil Puzzle page!

Sparkly Ponies in pretty dresses. You laugh at me, but most of you all are running around like idiots trying to snag refractors out of Finest and Chrome right now. And they don't have a puzzle on the back!

OH WHAT THE FFFF... Why is is so hard for companies to plan their set to fit properly in binders. Lemme just take this.. and put it here... and do this... and here we go.

This page layout is no longer in numerical order but I think it's a little better because now Shining Armor is leering disgustingly at his newly wedded wife instead of off the page somewhere. Here's the finished puzzle:

Weirdly enough, I now need 5 cards for the base set, 5 foils and 5 rare gold foil cards to complete the master set. Not even going to try for the promo cards, those suckers are selling for $100+ a pop now!

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