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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Google Fail

 I'm giving Google until next week to sort this out.

In the meantime I'm investigating WordPress, Tumblr, TypePad and LiveJournal.

Also Hotmail.

See also.


Jason T. Carter said...

Wordpress is the bomb. Just sayin'.

JT, The Writer's Journey

Anonymous said...

I second what JT said...

Michael said...

Wordpress is a lot better then blogger, but if you opt for the more feature rich self hosting option you should be aware that the risk of having your site hacked is greater. The massive flexibility you'll get from a self hosted install of Wordpress is well worth the risk, but you should at least know what your getting yourself into. And there is plenty you can do to mitigate the risk of getting your blog hacked. If you do decide to go that route drop me an email and I'll help you properly secure your install.

As for the warning you got from Google, that is downright bizarre. Since blogger is hosted on Google's servers. I would recommend doing a thorough virus scan on your computer using your current anti-virus software. After you do that, download, install, and update the free version of Malwarebytes (http://www.malwarebytes.org/)and run the full system scan option. That program typically catches stuff that Norton, Avast, and other more common security suites miss. Once you are sure that your computer is virus free, change your blogger password.

Once changed, log back into Blogger and from the admin panel search for any mention of that russian domain in your comments and posts. They may have injected links or some other type of malware into your blog somewhere. And if you see a strange assortment of symbols anywhere in the source code, delete it as it is likely encoded malware.

Good luck! Just getting over a hacked computer myself... its a real pain in the ass.

dayf said...

@Mike - I've already done most of that. Virus scan in MalwareBytes and MSE was clean. Checked everywhere for a link to that domain. Signed up for Google's Admin tool to clear the problem and it says I'm clean.

This is unfortunately happening at a time where I do not have the time to deal with this crap and do not have the will to keep the blog going at any cost. The previous times I've seen this it was due to a blog in my blogroll getting the same kind of specious error. Not something on my site, just the link in my blogroll. so: I can either check all 500+ blogs I'm linked to, or wipe out the blogroll I've put together over the past five years.

Add to this the fact that I am tired of Google ruining their perfectly good products trying to ram Google+ up my butt. I'm just paranoid enough to think it's related to the fact that I refused to change my YouTube handle to my real name.

I'm serious about this though, if I keep getting this bullshit warning that is already killing what little readership I had, the blog is dead and I'm moving on from Google forever.

Anonymous said...


Jeff Laws said...

My site has been doing that for months. It lists a site that used to be on my blogroll. I removed it and the warning is still there. It's not blogger doing this, it's Google Chrome. (Both are owned by Google though) But I believe it's a chrome protection thing, not blogger itself. I got it removed once, but it came back, linking another site. I quit fighting the stupid thing. My stats haven't gone down or anything since it's been up so I've just ignored it.

If I load my site up in any other browser it doesn't happen. I'm guessing most people don't use chrome.

I have no virus', nor does my site. Your warning page should even say that. But what it says is your linked to a site that they "suspect" has a virus. From what I've gathered, it's a bunch of BS.

Good luck!

Unknown said...

I've been on WordPress since I started back in '08. Back then I wouldn't have recommended WP, but they've since made a lot of changes and improvements and I'm quite happy.