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Thursday, May 23, 2013

2011 Topps Kimball Champions Wantlist

While a little flawed, this is still one of the best tobacco-style mini sets around. While I'm not close to finishing it, I'm not far either and these cards seem to pop up in 'under a buck' boxes with great frequency.

KC-13 Ty Cobb
KC-63 Juan Marichal
KC-72 Ernie Banks
KC-75 Bob Feller
KC-79 Barry Larkin
KC-82 Mike Schmidt
KC-86 Whitey Ford
KC-93 Wade Boggs
KC-95 Lou Gehrig
KC-100 Babe Ruth
KC-135 Carl Crawford

Here's the checklist if you happen to need it...

135/150 90.0%

Thanks to: Carlson, mystery dude, Stale Gum, Jedi Jeff


D a V e said...

i have 68, 77 and 133, please send me address: dlepek#gmail.com


Anonymous said...

I might have a few of these. Ill look for them in the morning