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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BoMo MoJo

Bowman goes live tomorrow which means people are going to be posting blaster rips pretty much all day today. So get excited! Go out and buy a case right now! There's lotsa Big Hits out there to pull! BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY!

Just so you know the type of quality hitz Bowman has to offer, here's a collection of Mojo I pulled from some 2004 Bowman boxes back in the day.

Here's a box topper. It's a white bordered card numbered to 245 encased in a special holder held together with a Topps Uncirculated hologram sticker that has never stayed stuck to the holder for even a second since I first got it. Casey Kopitzke never played in the majors and was out of baseball after 2006. I only have the one box topper because the other boxes I bought was already opened.

Here's a game used exhibition game relic from the Futures game. At least I assume it was worn in that game. Edwin played for the Dodgers at the time and I don't recall any red alternate Dodger unis. Edwin has had an effective career as a starting pitcher for a bunch of different teams. He couldn't get a contract  last offseason though and now he pitches for the Cubs so not so effective anymore.

Here is a game used high school jersey. No I'm not kidding. Chris Lubanski never played in the majors and was out of baseball after 2011.

Ok, here's some super serious Mojo. Ervin Santana on card autograph! Ervin's not an ace or anything but he's been solid with more ERAs in the 3's than in the 5's and is even pitching well for the Royals right now. Good luck finding this card for less than $10!

 Another exhibition game jersey assuming it's not not part of the bunting hung up at the All Star game. (have they done bunting relic cards yet?) Neal pitched seven years for Chicago. Both of 'em actually. Not seven years each, but total between the two teams. You know what I mean.

Merkin auto Mojo! This one's actually kinda cool to me because Valdez was an amateur free agent signing by the Braves and was traded to the Giants in the Russ Ortiz deal. Also, Merkin. LOL

Another High School jersey relic. Yay. There's a picture of the jersey on the back of the card and both of these are All-American jerseys of some kind. Jonathan Fulton never played in the majors and was out of baseball after 2011.

Ok, this one is legitimately cool. Ichiro and Pujols they ain't, but Dontrelle still has a decent hobby following. I don't remember the insertion ratio but it was in the thousands if I recall correctly.

Got all those boxes or near boxes for 'bout $20 a throw in '04. I wonder why so cheap?


deal said...

Believe it or not I am interested in the Lubanski jersey - local kid, played w/ a co-workers son.

madding said...

What the hell is up with those spiral mints on the Futures Game logo?