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Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the Free Comic Book be with you

The fascists at the calendar company rudely scheduled Star Wars Day and Free Comic Book Day on the same bloody day so I couldn't figure out what to do for today's post. I decided to pull a Reese's Cup and combine the two all on 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" format so it's topical for the blog. Here's a few cards from the 1993-1994 Topps Star Wars Galaxy set featuring some comic book and otherwise artists.

Ralph McQuarrie

If you like Star Wars and don't know who Ralph McQuarrie is, you need to get Googlin', son.

Boris Vallejo

In the days before ubiquitous internet pr0nz, nerds had Boris Vallejo calendars.

Jim Steranko

Marvel superstar known best for Nick Fury.

Mark Chiarello

Illustrated this fabulous book which is responsible for my mild obsession with watercolor painting even though I'm terrible at it.

Sam Kieth

Drew for Sandman and created The Maxx. 'Nuff said.


Legend. Waaaaaaay more than just Heavy Metal.

Al Williamson

You want Star Wars comics, eh? Al drew Star Wars comics. He even drew the Star Wars daily comic strip!

John Byrne

John Byrne has worked on pretty much every comic everywhere.

Jack Kirby

The best.

For extra added fun today be sure to check out Mr. Plinkett's reviews of the Star Wars Prequels. Not safe for work, life or humanity but damn they're funny.

Also, here's my Free Comic Book for the day if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

FWIW, the Ralph McQuarrie artwork is the cover for "Splinter Of The Mind's Eye", the very first Star Wars novel which covered events not in the movies.

Joe Shlabotnik (forced to comment anonymously because OpenID won't play nice).

jamicfin said...

Awesome cards!
Can't complain with the classic comics tie-in either :)