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Friday, August 23, 2013

Building a set: 1989 Topps Ghostbusters 2 - Pack 6

So the plan was to come back form my vacation all rested and relaxed and knock this series out lickety-split, but it turned out I needed a vacation from my vacation and I'm now just getting back to being able to think slightly good. Time to finish this up! It should be pretty easy now since [SPOILERS] there's not going to be quite as much writing going on after this pack. If you hate these set building posts and don't want to see me do this again speak now or forever hold your piece, because I have two more sets I'm about to do this for so act now or get more weird non-sport pack rips.

card #43
Hooray! We caught a ghost! A ghost jogger! A ghost jogger who wasn't doing much of anything besides running around Central Park! Not disturbing anyone really unlike those three muggers and a flasher right over there! We're friggin' HEROES! Hooray!

card #10
Of all the ridiculous things in this movie, THIS is the thing that bugs me the most. In the first film, Dana is a professional cellist in the bloody New York Philharmonic. That is a HARD job to get, there is crazy competition for that job and you have to spend your entire life practicing and training and learning mad cello skillz in order to get that job. Even if you bang the conductor, you gotta be pretty dang good at musics in order to get the gig. So now in the second film, when her marriage goes south and she gives up her music career, the backup job she takes is... restoring priceless works of art in a major art museum?? I could see like, a receptionist or a tour guide but RESTORING THE ART? That's just as difficult and requires as much training and skills as being a professional musician! Look at the card! She's cleaning a Monet-looking painting with chemicals and shit! She might have banged the conductor for her music chair but she definitely had to bang Janosz to get the art job. Think about that the next time you watch this movie. (yes I know you'll never watch this movie again now)

card #71


card #13
Venkman physically abuses Ray in order to get him to spill that Dana's back with more ghosts. Jerk. When I first saw that Ray owned a creepy old bookstore full of occult books it pretty much made me want to be him when I grew up. [SPOILER] Didn't quite happen.

sticker #8
Ray: Whooooooa duuuuude
Peter: what the hell am I supposed to be looking at again?

card #2
seriously stop smacking around ray you're just jealous because he's more adorable than you are and you know it

card #21
Now this inexplicable career change doesn't bother me. Sure, Louis is an accountant in the first film and here he is as a lawyer. It is completely plausible that someone who was an accountant for the Ghostbusters would try to get a law degree at night school. With all the illegal shit they get into it's just simple job security. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he didn't bang Janosz, I'm just saying he was a little drunk at the time and was in a bad dry spell.

card #46
Now Dana's restoring what looks to be a Dutch still life. How exactly can I get this job? I promise I won't paint Fluttershy into all the impressionist paintings. Maybe just one or two of the lesser known ones. No one will notice. Venkman sizes up Janosz, realizing that he's in danger of becoming another notch on the virile artist's belt.

card #64

I know candles are just part of the whole occult "let's summon a demonic presence" schtick but you'd think Janosz could have found something classier than standard dime store storm candles. Vigo demands lovely tea lights or maybe some scented ones for a little aromatherapy to make his soul possesion more pleasant. And how are those things standing up by themselves? Dana should have made a gamble that kicking over all those candles would have screwed up the ambiance and forced Janosz to stack 'em all up again.

Set completion: 46/88 52.3%
Sticker set completion: 5/11 45.5%
Doubles: 2
Sticker doubles: 1
Cards needed in the pack: 8
Number of cards needed for the set: 42
Number of cards left in the packs: 72

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