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Monday, August 26, 2013

Joy of a Completed Team Set - 1998 Topps Braves

I really like the design of this set even if it did kick off half a decade of oddly colored borders. I'm sure the framelike border and the odd team logo bar with the player's name in (ugh) foil turns people off though. I just think it looks cheesily classy. Is this set hard to find? I don't really know since I kept collecting through the late '90s-early '00s unlike everyone else.

Most of this page is left open for the 1998 Traded set cards that were never made.

1 comment:

Captain Canuck said...

cool, congrats.
I still haven't been able to find Neagle, Klesko, Glavine, Wohlers,
Cameron, Neagle, Galarraga, Chipper, Smoltzie, Tucker, Weiss, Chipper, and Marquis.

So um... yeah. Most of 'em I guess.