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Monday, August 19, 2013

Braves Team Set Wantlist - Topps 1986-1999

Forgot I hadn't posted this one yet... Oh well. Same as before, half of these are probably hiding in team boxes or doubles boxes or player boxes etc.

1986 TOPPS

1987 TOPPS
 41T Albert Hall
 54T Dion James
 85T Graig Nettles
 105T Gary Roenicke

1988 TOPPS

1989 TOPPS
1990 TOPPS
 564 Tyler Houston RC

1991 TOPPS

1992 TOPPS

1993 TOPPS
1994 TOPPS
261 Rafael Belliard
374 Marvin Freeman
1994 TOPPS TRADED13T Jacob Shumate RC
35T Mike Kelly
56T Prospects Trenidad Hubbard Rockies - Jason Schmidt Braves - Larry Sutton Royals - Stephen Larkin Rangers
63T Mike Mordecai RC
92T Charlie O'Brien
98T Corey Pointer RC
103T Deion Sanders Reds / Mike Kelly Braves
118T Gregg Olson

1995 TOPPS
480 Eddie Perez Braves – Jason Kendall Pirates – Einar Diaz Indians – Bret Hemphill Angels
486  Mark Lemke
532  Roberto Kelly
1996 TOPPS

1997 TOPPS
390 Ryan Klesko
455 Andruw Jones

1998 TOPPS

1999 TOPPS
231   Greg Maddux

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gcrl said...

This post reminds me of my college roommate. He will enjoy reading this. Thank you for posting.

Just trying to fit in here. I will pull a buncha these cards for you.