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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Joy of a Completed Team Set - 1988 Topps

Everyone raves about '87 Topps and '89 Topps is oddly loved nowadays but for my money '88 Topps is the best looking set of the late '80s. Oddly enough the last card I needed was a Traded Kevin Coffman which came out of one of those Target Card Coffins. I now know why those are referred to as Card Coffins. Jayzus that was horrible. I got screwed out of my '60s card too unless the '6th decade of cards the box referred to was a 2021 card I didn't recognize at first glance. I'm happy about the team set though.

Last card there on the bottom is a perfectly centered Dion James with that mess on the back. Bonus Mahler Mojo!


Captain Canuck said...

Ha! This is one team set I've finished! WooHoo!

Usually you post a finished set that I THOUGHT was fini, only to discover 3 leader or all star or something cards that I didn't have...

night owl said...

Order of completion of my Topps '80s base sets:


1982 -- will start working on it very soon

1987 -- won't ever happen.

The Angels In Order said...

The Assenmacher and Smith cards next to each other look exactly the same. Like they photoshopped the head of one onto the other.