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Sunday, November 24, 2013

All My Horfords

Al Horford is my favorite Atlanta Hawk player, so much so that when the Hawks finally trade him or let him walk I will adopt that team as my new NBA team. Here's a list of cards I've got, if you have any spare Horfs cluttering up the place I'll gladly take them off your hands.

wow I screwed up this scan didn't I

Topps #113
Upper Deck First Edition #203
Fleer NBA Hot Prospects Notable Newcomers #NN-3
SP Rookie Threads Rookie Threads Dual #DRT-HL
Upper Desk 20th Anniversary #UD-10

UD Lineage #190
Fleer #51

Bowman Heritage #1
Panini Crown Royale #67
Panini Studio #62

Donruss #153
Donruss Jersey Kings #23 S/N 267/299


Hoops #148
Hoops Bigs #14
Panini Contenders #1
Panini Brilliance #1
Panini Marquee #45
Panini Totally Certified #105

I pretty much quit collecting NBA cards his rookie season, thus the lack of collection. I'm trying though.

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