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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

September Vintage Card Show - Joy of a Completed Team Set

Aww yeah. Team Set Wednesday. All ready to post a team set. But wait! I have a request from a reader! Scan all the backs of the cards! Because reasons! But that's a lotta work and I'm lazy. But I've only got about 3 readers left and I don't want to piss off a third of my fanbase. How am I going to get the hell out of this one?

Screw it. Posting a Vintage Card Show pickup instead.

Here's "Eddie" Miller of the Boston Braves Bees Braves. Well, he's a Bee on the card but the Bees were back to being Braves by 1941 when this card was released. Not sure why "Eddie" is concidered a nickname with the guy's name is Edward but Play Ball had a nickname gimmick going on and they stuck to it like glue. This is a pretty nice looking card for one that's 72 years old. If you get to be 72 years old and and you're only a little right of center with a few spots and wrinkles here and there you're doing pretty good for yourself. It does kind of look like he got the sunburn Richard Dreyfuss got in Close Encounters of the Third Kind though. People just didn't know to use high SPF lotion when witnessing alien beings back then.

And look at this! It's card #1! It's the Andy Pafko of Play Ball! Ok, there were two other Play Ball sets before this one but it's the first one in color. There were two Topps sets before 1952 Topps too so there. Eddie was a decent little player back in the day that no one remembers at all anymore. Seven time All-Star and picked up some MVP votes here and there in the '40s. Had some WARs and such if you're into that sort of thing too. Nice pickup, eh?


Hey Babe, wanna wrestle? Ok that was inappropriate and I screwed up the quote but I can't help it. Beavis and Butthead have had a signifigant influence in my life. Which explains a lot, actually. But anyway, here's my Babe. Not Ruth, but a Babe nonetheless. It's a little worse for wear than Eddie what with all the creases but when 72 years old you reach, look this good you will not. Hell, I don't look that good now. Babe didn't have quite the career Eddie did, but he had a good 12 year run with an All Star selection for Philly in 1943. He didn't have much of a career for the Braves Bees Braves at all, only playing 44 games with the club before getting sold to the Cubs.

Ah ha, but look on the back! It's the Boston Braves now! Gotta love high series cards! Actually the switchover from the Bees to the Braves came in the middle series* as you can see from the COMPLETED TEAM SET Y'ALL

There's only 6 Beeraves in the set and I got 'em all now SO IT COUNTS. These two cards came as a bit of a surprise. I was actually thinking about dropping this portion of the budget on a single low-priced pre-war card when these two popped up. Just so happened to be the two I needed! Starting to think Roger reads my wantlists.

And here's the backs of 'em all since I scanned them way back when. It's easier to scan the back of one page than it is to scan the back of 30 pages. Pre-war cards should always be scanned front and back anyways.

So question time: You all really want to make me scan dozens of pages again to get the backs or will a list of the card numbers for each set suffice? Tell me quick because I'll need to scan 'em sometime in the next couple of days for the post next week. 

*Note - I'm assuming all this series stuff because the cards were printed on 12 card sheets and there are 72 cards and the last 24 cards are the scarce 'high' series and the first mention of the Braves is on card 25 which would make three series of 24 cards which makes sense even though it's all conjecture and I can't find anything to back it up in other words I just pulled it out of my ass which is the same thing respected journalists do nowadays so that's my story and I'm sticking to it


Captain Canuck said...

card numbers are fine sir.... unless it's vintagy vintage. Then scan 'em.

and I can't believe I know someone who has, I mean had, a wantlist for pre-war Playball cards... I'm still trying to finish last year's bowman....

shoeboxlegends said...

Congrats on completing that one Dave, beautiful team set.

JediJeff said...

Scan the edges too. Or I unfollow. You have been warned.

AdamE said...

Captain - Just so you know it is about 100 times easier to make a wantlist for pre-war Playball cards than it is to make one for last year's Bowman.

Topps can take all the convoluted BP, BDP, BDPP, etc... stuff and DP, it right up their ass!!