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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Joy of a Completed Team Set - 1970 Topps Braves

Coulda swore I posted this already but I can't find it using search and I've decided I'm posting a completed Topps team set every Wednesday until I run out of team sets which will be in about 8 weeks unless I complete more team sets quickly but I can probably complete a few more by scrounging through my player boxes and at the very least I can swipe some cards from my Topps base sets in a pinch which I shouldn't do but I might anyway and good lord this is one hell of a run on sentence and here's the set sorry if you've seen it before but not really sorry because it's from 1970 and some of you jokers weren't even born yet so look at this set and appreciate it you ungrateful whippersnappers

I really need to figure out something to put in all these empty pockets maybe those repli-card things from Baseball Cards Magazine perhaps?


Captain Canuck said...

*Special request from the Junkie Fan Club*

post scans of the backs.

mainly because yet again I've found cards I had no idea existed.

Aaron HR Leader
Neikro Pitching Leader
and somehow I completely whiffed on Tony Gonzalez.

I knew about, but am still in need of, Garr/Hill, Aaron AS, Aaron, Cepeda, Pappas, Evans,
Tillman, Priddy, Milan

dang hi numbers.......

dayf said...

Instead of scanning backs can I type out the cards with numbers instead? scanning gets tedious.

BaseSetCalling said...

I don't know why but that Niekro has always been my favorite fake action pose card. It's like you can hear him saying "you mean like this" and the photog goes "no, let's try again" until he just gives up and sends Topps the photograph.

Jim from Downingtown said...

If you include the league leaders cards in your team sets, do you have multiples of the same card (so that McCovey is with the Giants' cards, Seaver with the Mets' cards, etc)?