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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Joy of a Completed Team Set - 1996 Topps

Back on schedule for the team set posts. This one was completed today in a package that will get shown off eventually. In 1995 the Braves finally won The Big One and Topps followed up in '96 with their smallest base set since 1957, the last time the Braves won a Series. With no Traded set either so what you see is what you get. Out of the 21 card team set, 5 are rookies/draft picks and there are two subset cards. So basically, Topps commemorated the only Braves Championship team with cards for the starting lineup, the rotation and the closer. It's times like this when I wish I had stuck to coin collecting.

 You'll noticed I scanned the backs this time. This is because after pleading with my readers to allow me to simply list the card numbers on the post I still haven't gone back and done so. My total effort in this endeavor was to search my hard drive for the original lists I used to make up my want lists and cursing loudly when I couldn't find them. This led me to the realization that scanning the card backs is actually the lazier option.

You will now be finding scans of card backs on all subsequent team set posts.


Captain Canuck said...

not my favourite set, that's for sure....

still need 3,8,60,177,435

defgav said...

Hooray for backs! Congrats on completing the team set.

Dave said...

This is why I prefer Fleer in 1996-98. 1996 Fleer has 26 Braves plus seven more in the traded set... and only three are in subsets.