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Monday, December 23, 2013

September Vintage Card Show - '55 Set Needs

Things I love:

1) Barves
2) Pizza
3) Nintendo games
4) Diminutive enchanted equines
5) Comics
6) Bleep-Bloop music
7) Iron Chef (Japan, not that American sellout crap)
8) Beer
9) Hobbits, Wizards, Dwarves and Dragons all causing mischief and mayhem
10) Cheapo old large sized Topps cards

Have an example of #10.

Is Don Zimmer in the Hall of Fame? No? Then the Hall of Fame ain't shit. Don Zimmer IS baseball. He's been in professional baseball longer than you've been alive and probably longer than your mom's been alive. He's still a senior advisor with the Rays organization and is one of the reasons I've adopted the Rays as my AL team. Now look at this card. Look at Don's face. Don it perplexed.  Don does not understand how some dumb kid could slop ink all over his card. He got ink on Don's face! He got ink on Don's shoulder! How can this happen? This is a 1955 Brooklyn Dodger card for Don's sake! Don is confused but I am happy because that dumb inky kid got me an o-fficial Don Zimmer rookie card for cheaps.

 Now here's the back. It mentions ponies so immediately I am intrigued. Apparently Don was so awesome that someone in St. Paul tried to kill him. But Don is the baseball version of James Bond and he punched that guy in the face and punched a few balls for good measure. Some of them were baseballs. Check the stats. Them are fielding stats right there. Does Topps do those any more? Eh? DOOOO they? No idea. I get stats from Baseball-Reference nowadays, not ballcards. The Major and Minor league stats are all mooshed together on this card which is slightly confusing. Only two lines of stats too, Year and Life.That's right, Life. Because Don is a Lifer.

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